Big problem

Mark 28 Oct 2011
Once upon a time, the six peoples were traveling in a private plane and that six persons were bollywood king sharukh khan, congress president sonia gandhi, railway minister lalu yadav, small boy, one old man and a pilot.
Suddenly the problem starts in a plane so pilot told everybody to get out but the problem was there were only 5 parachutes but the people were six.

So first our bollywood king sharukh has jumped from the plane by saying, “Bollywood needs me.”

Next our sonia by saying, “Congress need me.”

Then our respected laluji by saying, “Hamari railway ko meri bahut jarurat hain bhai.”

Then pilot, old man and small boy remained in the plane but the problem was there was only one parachute but 2 peoples to jump so the old man told small boy beta, “you jump bcoz I have spent my whole life but you have your future ahead so I will sacrifice for you.”

Suddenly that small boy laugh and says we both can jump then old man said how so he told him our honourable laluji has jumped taking my school bag.


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